The Veil

I regularly reach out to caress the veil between the illusion of the so called real world. The fingers of my mind barely touch the surface, unable to wrap around and get purchase on it. I yearn to grab ahold and yank or to pierce and tear to see the truth beyond. Sensing the thin…… Continue reading The Veil


Sometimes forgetting your past lives is a great gift but those brief flickers of recollection are the greatest pain. The real world is both illusion and all we have, ultimately. There is yet no escape from samsara. We all choose rebirth over oblivion time again. The pain and suffering we share back and forth tie…… Continue reading Remembering

“Death Note” – anime series review

I really hated the main character Light. There was nothing redeeming about the character and he was completely unlikable. The Misa character was equally annoying and unlikable in her own way; though she was probably designed to be so. I really liked “L” and Ryuk and thought they were great characters. The following may contain…… Continue reading “Death Note” – anime series review