We are a team comprised of Texas film, video, and art professionals.  Most of our core team met at college while studying film at The Art Institute of Houston, and other disciplines such as Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Fashion. We’ve also competed together in Splatter Fest, The Zone Sci Fan Film Race, and the 24 Hour Film Race. Additionally, we’ve worked on several professional film and video projects together including many fashion shows, music videos, commercials, television shows, and more. 

We’ve worked together under many names:
H.E.B.R.O.S., Dark Sun Film, Frankel Grafix, Super Deluxe Ultra Mega Force Extreme, The General Joe’s, Almost Positive, Dragon Sun Film, A Place Pictures, Amatol Productions, Fantastical Unicorns, & AIH Reunion.

Short Film Races
48 Hour Film Project 2022 TBA – Houston
“Linda” – 24 Hour Film Race
(Team name AIH Reunion)
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